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Booster Meeting Minutes 02/05/19

Booster Club

Lady Roos Softball Booster Club

General Meeting

February 5, 2019


The regular meeting of the Lady Roos Softball Booster Club was called to order at 6:30pm on February 5, 2019 in NGC lecture hall by Sherri Whitling.


Sherri Whitling, Susan Logan, Ana Gardner, Diane Hanson, Nikki Contreras, Monica Tidwell, Ed DeMichele, Coach Ritter, players and parents listed on sign in sheet.

Treasurer’s Report

Susan reported $14980.00 in the account.  Black t-shirts for the girls were donated and $100 was used for restocking the concession stand. 

Open Issues

Membership update:  We have 28 players. 13 have payed. Membership basically pays for the meals for the girls while at away games. Suggestion made to rebrand "membership". Sherri and Coach Ritter will draft a letter to parents explaining the importance and necessity of Booster Membership.  

13 Freshman = 6 paid

6 Sophomores = 2 paid

4 Juniors = 4 paid 

5 Seniors = 1 paid                     12 JV = 4 PAID        16 VAR = 9 PAID

Bryan Tournament Update: Leave at lunch on Wednesday. Coach Ritter will meet with parents or send email with details early in the week. 

Deadline for business car ads for calendar is Friday 02/08/19. Turn in to Marlee or Sherri. 

Ed DeMichele motioned to pass the amendments that were presented last month. Susan Logan seconded. Motions carried. 

New Business

Dawn Morten volunteered to be Concession lead. Duties to include showing up around 2pm to start food. Be ready for business by 4pm. Girls have already been assigned shifts to work in the concession. One parent must monitor when the girls are working. 

Volunteer needed to work the music during Varsity games. James Garcia will work scoreboard. Kelly Horten will announce. 

Volunteers needed to work the pressbox during JV Games: scoreboard, music and announcer. 

Anyone who would like to volunteer to help set up/take down the flags at home games would be greatly appreciated. 

Suggestion made to get lawn/street signs to put up to promote game days. Stacie Thompson motioned to order one sided street signs. Signs to cost approximately $140. Monica Tidwell seconded. Motion passed. *Susan will reach out for possible donation of signs. 

Ana Gardner motioned to order 50 car decals. Ed DeMichele seconded. Motion passed. *Susan will reach out for possible donation of decals.  

Agenda for Next Meeting

Girls expressed interest in having a teacher appreciation day. Possibly on April 12, 2019?? Will revisit. 



  The next general meeting will be tentatively scheduled for March 4, 2019

Minutes submitted by:

 Nikki Contreras