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Softball Booster Meeting 09/09/19

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Lady Roos Softball Booster Club

General Meeting

September 9, 2019


The regular meeting of the Lady Roos Softball Booster Club was called to order at 6:35pm on September 9, 2019 in the library at Hall Middle School by Sherri Whitling.


Sherri Whitling, Monica Tidwell, Nikki Clary, Dawn Morton, Courtney Skold, Kimberly Auringer, Jennifer Kristufek, Tammy Reed, Russ Redd, Dianne Hanson, Staci Thompson, Derek Morton, Christina DeMichele

Treasurer’s Report

Sherri reported $9899.63 in the account as of 09/09/19. 

Open Issues

No open issues as this is the first general meeting of the season. Executive board met on August 20, 2019 to brainstorm for upcoming season.

New Business

Homecoming parade- Thursday September, 19, 2019. Derek Morton will drive 25ft trailer. Each player needs to supply one bag of non chocolate candy. Decorating is set for Saturday 09/14. Marlee coordinating with the players. Courtney Skold motions to participate in the Homecoming parade via float. Monica Tidwell seconds. None opposed. Motion carries. Monica motions to allow up to $100.00 for Homecoming float decorations. Russ Reed seconds. None opposed. Motion carries. 

T-shirts for Practice- Courtney motions to donate to Coach Lemons 30 shirts to the team for wear at practice with option to purchase. Staci Thompson seconds. None opposed. Motion carries. 

Fall Ball- Fall ball is being co-hosted with Brock. Season starts 09/23/19. Games will be on Mondays. Cost is $50 and will include a game shirt. 

Future Fundraisers- Whiffle ball is set tentatively for December 7th. 100 inning game? Promotion planning is key. Make sure to communicate to freshman.

Volunteers- anyone who has any involvement with the kids, concession stand, etc, has to fill out a volunteer form online at the WISD site. 

Financial Signatures- per bylaws it is the President and VP. We would like to add treasurer. Dianne Hanson motions to remove Susan Logan as treasurer and add Courtney Skold as treasurer and signer to the account. Keeping Monica Tidwell as Vice President and Sherri Whitling as President as signers on the card for financial purposes.  Monica seconds motion. Non opposed. Motion carries.

Elections- 2 positions are open for Members at Large. Courtney motions to cease nominations for Members at Large for Dianne Hanson and Staci Thompson. Monica seconds. None opposed. Motion carries. 

Agenda for Next Meeting

Need to work on forming committees for Membership, food coordinator, etc. 

Start thinking about what merchandise we want to sell for the season. New hats/visors, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Also need to figure out membership dues for the upcoming season. Set up Venmo?



  Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm. The next general meeting will be tentatively scheduled for October 7, 2019

Minutes submitted by:

Nikki Clary