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Booster Meeting Minutes 10/14/19

Booster Club

General Meeting

October 14, 2019


The regular meeting of the Lady Roos Softball Booster Club was called to order at 6:32pm on October 14, 2019 in the library at Weatherford High School by Sherri Whitling.


Sherri Whitling, Monica Tidwell, Nikki Clary, Dawn Morton, Courtney Skold, Dianne Hanson, Staci Thompson, Ed DeMichele, parents and players listed on the sign-in sheet.

Treasurer’s Report

Sherri reported $9850.00 in the account.

Unfinished Business


Dianne and Courtney will head up the Food Fund committee. Establishing multiple ways to pay.

We need to fill the snack bins with healthy, non-perishable snacks.

We need to establish a Concession stand worker’s schedule.  


Garage Sale @National Guard Armory. Monica motions for the garage sale to be November 2, 2019. Staci seconds. Motion carries.

Whiffle Ball Tournament to be held in the MAC building. Ed DeMichele motions to set the date for the tournament to December 7, 2019. Monica seconds. Motion carries.  CJ Thompson, Jammie Humphrey, Courtney Skold, and Monica Tidwell will head up the organizing of the tournament parameters.

Sherri presented options for merchandise. CJ motions to go with Brazo’s Logo Shop for our Merchandise and online store needs. Courtney seconds. Motion carries. Prices will be as follows:

Visors= cost +$5.00

Hats= $20.00

T-shirts= $12.00

Long Sleeve= $18.00

Hoodies= $25.00


New Business

We need to create online accounts for payments (PayPal, Venmo, Square)

Press Box needs iPad or Computer. Something compatible with iTunes/iPhone playlists…

Possible camera/TV for Concession Stand so parents can watch the game. Jammie Humphrey has a TV that she’ll donate.

Meeting with the WHS Baseball Booster Board about concessions will be on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 @ 6pm in the concession building.

Membership Dues: Courtney motions for the WHS LadyRoos Softball Booster Membership dues to be $5.00 per family. Monica seconds. Motion carries.

Food Fund: Nikki motions to charge $70.00 per player for food fund due by first regular season game. Staci seconds. Motion carries.

Volunteers: Anyone who has any involvement with the kids, concession stand, etc, has to fill out a volunteer form online at the WISD site. 


Agenda for Next Meeting

Next Meeting on Monday November 11, 2019@6:30pm. Location TBD.



  Meeting adjourned at 7:47pm.

Minutes submitted by:


Nikki Clary